Brew Method: French Press

French Presses offer a cup of coffee that is very full bodied (speaking of the “mouth-feel” of coffee). Without a paper filter, coffee oils and some sediment created by ground coffee are allowed through the fine mesh strainer built into the French Press, even with a very coarse grind. Due to the coarser grind, the brewing time is a bit longer than with other methods, following the general rule: the finer the grind the quicker the extraction and vice versa.

-Spring water or filtered water
-195-205 F water temperature
-A burr grinder
-Timer (to help control brew time)
-Freshly roasted whole bean coffee (2-14 days max), stored at room temperature in an airtight container. Grind right before use.
-Remove the plunger and closely inspect that no old coffee oils or fines are present on any plunger pieces.
-Grind 50 grams of coffee on medium coarse for a 24 oz French Press. If you have a larger or small French Press, adjust the amount: shoot for 12.5 grams for every 6 oz of water. 
-Preheat the French press and decanting vessels with hot water and tare on a scale.
-Pour 50g of hot water over all grounds and start a 4 minute timer. 
-After 30 seconds add water up to 650g.
-10 seconds before your brew is finished, break the crust and skim off the remaining floating grounds with a large spoon. This will allow an easier ‘press’ and will yield a cleaner cup. It will also help the coffee from continuing to extract at the bottom of the carafe.
-Push plunger down slowly.

Repeat and enjoy!