Brew Method: Coffee Brewing Basics

-Spring water or filtered water
-195-205 F water temperature
-A burr grinder
-Scale (for manual methods)
-Freshly roasted whole bean coffee (2-14 days max), stored at room temperature in an airtight container. Grind right before use.

We recommend 10 grams coffee (2 TBLS) per 6 oz of water (most coffee devices use 6 oz cups). We recommend measuring by weight because coffees have different densities. Scales are also helpful tools for manual brewing methods to help control the flow of water. After brewing, if your coffee tastes bitter, try grinding coarser. If your coffee tastes too light/watery, try grinding your coffee finer.  

We recommend a 1:14 (stronger) to 1:17 (weaker) brew ratio. The ratio is acheived by
multiplying the weight of the coffee to determine how much water to use based on
which ratio you are shooting for. For example, if you wanted to shoot for a 1:14 brew ratio, multiply your coffee weight in grams by 14.  If you were using 22 grams of coffee, you would want to use 308 grams of water. Adjust according to your own preference. 

Repeat and enjoy!