Brew Method: Aeropress

There are countless ways to brew an Aeropress, just check out the World Aeropress Championships to get an idea of what we mean. Aeropress is loved because it offers a full-bodied cup while still bringing out the coffee’s unique flavor profile and it’s easy to clean plastic, making it a valuable piece of equipment on any trip. Paired with a hand grinder, one could go anywhere in the world and enjoy a great cup of coffee. 

-Spring water or filtered water
-195-205 F water temperature
-A burr grinder
-Timer (to help control brew time)
-Freshly roasted whole bean coffee (2-14 days max), stored at room temperature in an airtight container. Grind right before use.
-Filter. There are paper filters and metal filters available. Paper filters allow for a clean cup. Metal filters allow for more body by way of oils and coffee particulates.

-Place Aeropress upside-down and make sure the  plunger is at #4.
-Place a paper filter inside the cap and wet with hot water.

-Using the funnel, pour 17 g of medium-fine coffee inside.
-Start your timer. With hot water, pour up to 120 grams or to #3. 
-Using a spoon, gently stir twice to soak all grounds.
-After 30 seconds, add water up to  240g or the top. 
-After 1 minute on the timer, stir 10 times. 
-Attach the filter cap with the paper filter, turn over onto a cup. Press until you hear a hissing sound. 

Repeat and enjoy!