Brew Method: v60

-Spring water or filtered water
-195-205 F water temperature
-A burr grinder
-Timer (to help control brew time)
-Freshly roasted whole bean coffee (2-14 days max), stored at room temperature in an
 airtight container. Grind right before use.
-Hario Filter
-Rinse filter thoroughly with hot water to avoid a starchy paper taste and to heat the device. 
-Grind 25 grams of coffee on medium-fine.
-Tare scale with V60, filter and grounds. 
-Pour 50 grams of water over all the grounds.
-After 30 seconds, pour water in a spiral from the center up to 150 grams.
-Pour 50g of water every 15-20 seconds, until you reach 350g.
-Never let it go dry and avoid pouring down the sides.
-Shoot for 2:30 minutes. You can adjust your pour slower or faster if off slightly or change the grind finer if under the time and coarser if over the time. 

Repeat and enjoy!